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SIP from TeleCHOICE enables the convergence of local calling, long distance calling, and data on a single circuit. It also eliminates the need for multiple venders and invoices. You get connectivity exactly where you need it, on your terms, to support your business, employee, and customer interactions best.


We Offer:


  • Free local calling
  • E911 and 411 directory assistance.
  • Phone numbers from across the country and in key locations worldwide which ring locally at no extra charge
  • Low cost SIP termination
  • Robust Support for Call Center Traffic
  • Private IP Network.
  • Cost Effective Rates
  • Supports G711, G729 Codecs
  • Fast turn-up
  • Nationwide & International DIDs
    – Order out of rate center incoming and outgoing DIDs almost anywhere in the U.S. and dozens of key international locations
    – Obtain phone numbers from almost anywhere in the world that ring to you locally wherever you are.