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About TeleCHOICE

Every business has data and communication needs, but not all have the endless time it takes to research providers, negotiate the best rates, and choose the appropriate technology. Too often, a business gets sold on products and services they don’t need and end up paying too much in the process. That’s where we come in.


Since 1996 TeleCHOICE has made it our business to support yours. We handle everything—from the research, to the proposal, to the installation—working in partnership to ensure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. Then, when that is all said and done, we stay by your side, providing prompt support for any need or question that may arise. Since we know your business is subject to change, we offer scalability—so as your business changes, so can your services.


“The bottom line? We make it simple.”


With TeleCHOICE, you don’t get services you don’t need. You don’t get a call center that passes your question or concern from department to department. You get a team that’s fully invested in your business from the start.


Data and communication doesn’t have to be so complex. Discover how simple we make it by contacting us today.


TeleCHOICE is a board member of the Agent Alliance , a select group of premier telecom and data networking solutions providers in the US. This group pools together their expertise and volume to get preferred agreements with vendors. This dramatically helps our clients since we are able to leverage the hundreds of years of experience that our members bring to the collective group.


Part of TeleCHOICE’s Mission is to be a good steward with its profits. We invest a minimum of 10% of our income into organizations that help bring sustainable positive change in the world. We are fully behind micro funding and have been a partner of Esperanza International , an organization that provides small loans to emerging entrepreneurs who are among the poorest in the Dominican Republic.


We are also committed to helping children that are at risk. We have partnered with AIM , which has been successfully rescuing and providing recovery to young girls who have been trapped in illegal underage sex trade.


Businesses all have one thing in common—their voice and data needs are never the same.
For that reason, our consultants will meet with you—by phone or in person—to learn your unique business needs. Then, we’ll save you the trouble of research, evaluation, and negotiation, providing quotes that fit your needs and budget. Best of all, since we don’t have ties to any specific company, you can trust that we’ll provide unbiased service every step of the way.


With TeleCHOICE, you can get a business-optimizing solution without worrying about how it will be implemented into your current infrastructure. Sit back and relax, knowing that we won’t force-fit a telecom or data solution. We’ll gather all the technical information needed to integrate a carrier’s services with your current equipment, and answer any questions you have along the way.

Ongoing Support

At TeleCHOICE, we’re not a provider. We’re a partner. Which means we’ll serve as an extension of your staff every step of the way. If your service goes down or data is lost, you don’t have to solve the problem through your carrier, waiting on hold while the issue is resolved. At TeleCHOICE, we care about your business. You can rely on us to troubleshoot issues and, when needed, work with the carrier to solve them.